$20,706 per year -- where will you find it?

A family met with me May 2nd.  They asked for help trying to solve their dilemma: how to pay for their child's $20,706 per year college costs.

They logged in to the student's university account.  I saw the numbers - $20,706 for the first year.  The student has a solid GPA and SAT score.  The university is one in the state system, and he is attending as an in-state student.

The parents are not wealthy.  They are solidly in the middle of the middle-class.  However, that means there was no "need-based financial aid" for which they are eligible.

Their student was offered a federal loan ($5,500 as a freshman).  The rest -- $15,205 -- dad and mom have to come up with -- half now and the other half in January.

If you, too, would be scratching your head trying to figure out where to come up with that kind of money, every year, for four, five (or more?) years, join the club.

That is the problem we solve.  It helps us to have more than 10 weeks to solve it.  Please contact us today.

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