Core Values

"If you asked me to pick one word to characterize George Gately as a professional it would be mentor. His passion to help individuals and families achieve their goals and fulfill their dreams is unmatched."

Those kind words were spoken by a client of mine as he introduced me to a group of business men and women.  A dictionary definition of mentor is "a wise and faithful counselor."  It's a high and noble office.  Succeed Where It Counts has intentionally and purposefully identified these core values by which we live and conduct business:

FAITH: we love and are loved by our God, the Lord Jesus Christ; to whom we shall have to give an account of our lives.

INTEGRITY: first from ourselves, and then from those with whom we do business.

LIBERTY: the sacred stewardship of the USA and her citizens among the family of nations.

PRIVATE ENTERPRISE: operating in a free market, capitalism is the best economic system.

CUSTOMER FIRST: we expect no opportunity until we provide value to the customer.

MONEY: a free market rewards honest work with fair compensation.

THE GOLDEN RULE: equitable, reliable and normative; "In all things do to others as you would have them do to you."