Planning for College

College is more than just furthering education beyond high school.  It is a transition, a life event and for many students the last, major epoch in the formation of their identity. Although parents envision college for their children, they too often relegate to the last minute planning the college episode.

You have heard the statistic, haven't you, that the costs of attending college have risen over the past quarter-century at about double the rate of inflation?  Your ability to afford college is shrinking at twice the rate of your ability to afford anything else.  Making the most of the college years, therefore, is more important than ever.  A good plan is practical, helpful and rewarding.

On another page at this website you will find vital information about paying for college, and we will not repeat that here.  All that needs to be said about costs, at this point, is a college planning professional can help.  Begin today.  It is never too early.

CPA's, financial advisors and school guidance counselors, as well as neighbors, relatives and water-cooler buddies are common sources of information for parents.  Among them anyone who is currently navigating the high seas of college selection, admissions and financing may have some helpful information and advice.  But even that is not absolutely true.    Some parents really dig in, and learn thoroughly the "college game."  Others spend, borrow and scramble, leaving the rest up to their student.  Besides, every family represents their own unique set of circumstances.  Your friend's experience may not be yours at all.

CPA's and financial advisors typically have a cursory knowledge of  financial aid as that relates to their thorough grasp of tax law and investment strategies.  Where they sometimes fall short is that they have no time to learn the details of college selection and financial aid.  It is an area of specialization and, at Succeed Where It Counts, we are specialists in college planning. 

School Guidance Counselors are dedicated and caring professionals.  They are also among the most overworked in society. 476:1 is the national, counselor-to-student ratio. According to a US Department of Education study (published in 2011) high school students receive, on average, 38 minutes of college admissions advice at their schools. 

At Succeed Where It Counts we invest time every week of the year to keeping up with the college game.  We offer you two hours of consult time at no charge, and with no obligation.  We will help you sort out the facts about your, unique situation.  We work with families with very young children, right on through the college freshman year.  "The sooner the better" is always true about college planning.

Recommended strongly for every student is this approach:

  1. Identify a preferred career field.
  2. Identify a college major and minor well-suited to that field.
  3. Identify several colleges highly respected in those courses of study.

Why?  Because it is too expensive to depend on luck!  The most expensive year of college is the one you didn't plan for.  Too often, students need a 5th or even a 6th year to complete their degree because of inadequate planning from the start.

Choosing a college is a very important task.  Succeed Where It Counts provides a methodology for choosing well.  Of course, we cannot guarantee it as foolproof.  But we are confident we increase substantially the likelihood of a good fit.

Contact us today.  We have an appointment time for you to get started.

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