Retirement for Life

Do you have a financial distribution plan for your retirement years?
If not, please call us NOW to schedule time for us to help you.  It is too important to neglect for a single minute!

If you answered "Yes," is it a maximum plan or a minimum plan? 
And if you cannot answer the following four questions, how do you even know?

  1. What rate of return is required for you to reach your retirement goals?
  2. How much more of each paycheck will you have to save so you can retire when you want to?
  3. How many more years will you have to work so you can retire with the lifestyle you want?
  4. How much will you have to reduce your lifestyle in retirement based on your current financial plan?

Although the questions are similar they are not, in fact, the same.  Each one uncovers a different aspect of your current financial strategy as that relates to your future well-being.

No matter your age now, young or old, retirement is a reality.  There will come a day when your earning years end, either by choice or by necessity.  Along the way there may be times of disruption forced on you by circumstances beyond your control.  Comprehensive planning and careful management are required, not optional.  The earlier you start the easier the task.  Time is your greatest financial asset.

Many, many people get from their financial advisors an accumulation plan only.  How do you know your accumulation plan is viable if you haven't considered a distribution plan?  Which assets should you spend down first; and which last?  In what order?

As a complimentary, no-cost-to-you service Succeed Where It Counts will help you answer the most important questions of your financial life. 

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