SWIC's Uniqueness

Succeed Where It Counts, LLC. is an independent college admissionsfinancial aid and retirement success coaching company.  We hold to certain values that derive from our faith, and from our cultural experiences as Americans.  We aspire to help parents and grandparents save their retirement lifestyle funds, and help their students select

  • the Right College, 
  • at the Right Price,
  • to Graduate on Time
  • with the Right Degree©
College Admissions & Financial Aid, and Retirement Success Coaching:
  • A family business, independently owned and operated.
  • Our loyalty is to our clients only; and not to any company, college or university.  
  • With an insider's perspective we help our clients achieve the greatest value for their higher-education dollars.
  • We coach students as they earn their place into a freshman, college cohort.
    • "A coach is someone who gets men to do what they never want to do, in order to become what they've always wanted to be." (Billy Martin, NY Yankees)
  • Identify financial inefficiences and show ways to recoup dollars being transferred away unknowingly and unnecessarily
  • Increase your family's wealth and achieve a future lifestyle on par with the lifestyle you enjoy today.
Our Values:
INTEGRITY: first from ourselves, and then from those with whom we do business.
CUSTOMER FIRST: we expect no opportunity until we provide value to the customer.
PRIVATE ENTERPRISE: operating in a free market, capitalism is the best economic system.
MONEY: a free market rewards honest work with fair compensation.
LIBERTY: the sacred stewardship of the USA and her citizens in the family of nations.
FAITH: we love and are loved by our God, the Lord Jesus Christ; to whom we shall have to give an account of our lives.
THE GOLDEN RULE: equitable, reliable and normative, "In all things do to others as you would have them do to you."

Our Process:
College is a consumer purchase.  Colleges sell educational services to parents who want a happy graduate as the product.  For our clients we facilitate that happy outcome in the most financially efficient manner possible.
The Right College:  Colleges are very clear about their mission and goals.  They are looking for students who match those.  GPA, Class Rank, Test Scores all count.  A student's character, personal qualities and future plans count, too.
The Right Price: Colleges admit students and award financial aid for their reasons, not for yours.  When a student is well-matched to a college's purposes and mission, financial aid is leveraged as an incentive to matriculate.
Graduate on Time: The most expensive year of college is the one you did not plan for.  Colleges track and report graduation rates over six years (not four!).  How much do those two extra years cost?  More than you expect!
The Right Degree:  Focus on 40 not 4.  Four years of college can be wonderful and memorable.  If there is no forty-year, career objective achieved as the outcome, college costs can become an overwhelming financial burden.
Wealth Transfers, unknown and unnecessary occur commonly in five areas. Recoup your losses and re-direct those dollars to your future lifestyle (retirement).

Other really important stuff:
  • Any parent who has forty hours a week to invest learning the strategies and knowledge-base of admissions and financial aid can do for themselves what we offer to do for a modest fee.  Begin the forty-hour-a-week task when your student enters tenth grade, and keep at it through high school graduation -- or, hire SWIC.
  • Your retirement dollars cannot double as college dollars.  Pick one or the other, or let us help you pay for college and retire with the lifestyle you want.
  • Colleges and the U.S. Department of Education consider loans to parents as "financial aid."  We do not.  Loans pay current expenses by obligating future, after-tax, take-home pay  -- not a winning strategy!   
  • The first question every high school student needs to answer is, "What will I do the day after I graduate from college?"  Until that gets an informed answer, college is risky.  A professional career/aptitude assessment is the most reliable manner of getting the answer.  We provide that.
  • FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid -- www.fafsa.ed.gov) is the gateway to all financial aid.  If you do not ask, you will not receive.
  • What your high school counselors do, they do well.  But they do not do what SWIC does.
  • Unless you are already our client, you are very probably transferring away substantial wealth unknowingly and unnecessarily.  We will examine five key areas to find those dollars and advise you how to recoup them.  That can be a great source for college expenses.