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Which part of my dream is weirderer the poop or the planet?
I'm a member of an astronaut crew on temporary duty at a Martian colony.  Wearing full astronaut gear -- white suit, bubble helmet, insulated gloves -- the time has come for our crew to leave.  We have to clean the place up and leave it fit for the next group.  My job was to clean out the cat litter boxes.  There were several, and each was well used. 

At this point my brother-in-law would ask, "Were the cats martian or earthling? and if earthling how did they breathe?"  Answers: don't know, don't know.  I never saw the cats, just the litter boxes.
The more poop I scooped, however, the more poop there was.  I'd scoop one box only to notice another, also full.  As I progressed I noticed poop everywhere on top of equipment, on piles of old newspapers; more and more.
Amazed, aggravated and frustrated I finally decided the next crew would just have to deal with it and started making my way to our space craft for return to earth. 
End of dream. But not the end of the story.  I have to go now and clean out the litter boxes of the three cats (all earthling felines) living at my house.

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