Generation Z

There is a lot of information out there regarding Generation Z (those born from 1995 to present). Much of it is geared toward marketers who need to adjust their strategies in order to sell their goods. This information is of particular importance to me because Generation Z includes the high school students I work with on a daily basis. While there are many points to be made about this generation, quite different from Millenials by the way, there were three points that really struck me: They are eager to start working

They are mature and in control

They intend to change the world

Awesome! These three items alone will help ensure success in college and in their future careers. Among the students I work with the majority all have jobs or do some type of volunteer work. They are able to carry on an adult conversation and they have a fairly extensive understanding of the way the world works. There is no need to dumb down anything when talking to these students. They have desires to be entrepreneurs. They envision themselves having meaningful careers that impact others for the better. The goal of completing college is viewed as a gateway to fulfilling their dreams rather than simply acquiring a job and receiving a paycheck. To Generation Z: The ball is in your court! You have the tools needed to be successful. Just looking at the three traits listed above makes it more important than ever that you carefully choose a major and a college that fits you. Forget college rankings and name recognition for a moment. Picture your end goal and let that motivate you as you make your decision. Remember you are eager to work, you are mature and in control and you intend to change the world! HS Student Services Director Read more

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