Filter the Noise -- Hear the Truth

"Learning to filter out the noise so you can hear the truth" 

What does the quest for the right college have in common with the quest for good health? 

My email inbox is flooded with "stuff." Weekly, sometimes daily emails regarding different nutrition plans and various plans for fitness fill my screen. Which diet is best? The list and opinions seem endless. Fitness, too -- everyone claims their method holds the ultimate secret. 

I realized none of the information is useful if it isn't implemented correctly. If you choose to follow a diet that is so far out of your comfort zone that you will never stick to it then you will probably not see the results you desire. The same is true for fitness. What is the secret to success? Finding a nutrition and fitness plan that fits you! 

The same principle works with college planning. There is a continuing stream of articles, published daily, regarding the top paying majors and the hottest careers. This information can be helpful to observe current trends in the marketplace. However, it can also be confusing. 

High school students get lots of advice -- most not asked for -- what you should major in, careers that will "make you a lot of money". People's intentions are probably pure, but their advice may not be. Just like with my fitness and nutrition, you have to learn to filter out the noise. 

I recommend: 
  • Choose a life's vocation in a field you really enjoy and are naturally good at
  • Pick a major that folds naturally into that vocational choice
  • Pick colleges that are really strong in that major
  • Begin a relationship with the admissions people at those colleges so they know who you are and why you are interested
  • Give your high school years your very best effort -- you don't have to be a Straight A student to get into college; and a strong work ethic will attract attention. 
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