Reading: Key to Academic Success

For Christmas I bought myself a present a reading improvement course. That was many evergreen trees ago, and I still look on it as some of the best-spent dollars of my life. My reading speed went above two thousand words per minute with comprehension well above 80%.

Prior to that Christmas I was reading under 500 words per minute, and my comprehension was poor. Honestly, how I maintained dean's-list grades throughout my undergraduate and master programs I do not know. When I saw the required reading list for my doctoral program, however, I knew I had to do something, and quick!

Many environmental and scholastic conditions change between high school and college. Few, if any, are more significant than the reading required. Poor reading skills drag a student down like combat boots on a swimmer. The work load becomes exhausting and unsustainable.

Are you trying to think of something meaningful to give your child as a graduation gift? Are you pondering how, in some practical way, you can advance your child's success at college? My recommendation is a reading improvement course. Read more

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