Tim Tebow, the NFL and Your High School Student

Being the best in the nation is sometimes not good enough.  Consider Tim Tebow [visit website] and the NFL.
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One lesson to learn may apply mainly to college athletes and a professional sports career. Another lesson, more widely applilcable, relates to the first question we ask our high school students, "What are you going to do the Monday morning after you graduate from college?" [http://www.succeedwhereitcounts.com]  Put another way, focus on the 40, not the 4 -- the forty years of a working career after college, and not just the four, delightful years of college. 

College is wonderful, and a good choice for many high school students.
  College is also an artificially created and sustained community bearing very little resemblance to "the real world."  Just ask Tim! [view story]  

Tim was best in the nation as a college football player, a Heisman Trophy winner.  He competed for two national championships, winning one.  Everything he did in college was with an eye to playing professional football.  Sadly for Tim, he simply did not have the skill set to achieve his goal.  If only, while a scholastic athlete, someone had evaluated more thoroughly his skills and potential, he may have avoided the deep disappointments of the past several years.
Too few high school students move into their college dorm with a clear plan for the day after college ends.  Published graduation rates (barely half graduate within 6 years https://nces.ed.gov/-fastfacts/display.asp?id=40) -- and student loan default rates [view stats] approaching 23% lend underscore the reality [read more].
At Succeed Where It Counts, LLC [www.succeedwhereitcounts.com] we provide each student with a formal career assessment profile.  We use the Birkman profile, and are happy with it. [http://www.leaprogram.com] 

College?  Know the end-game before the kick-off.

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