What drives our passion?

What drives our passion? 

It breaks our hearts to see kids dreams crushed; and fills us with joy and a sense of true accomplishment to help see those dreams become reality.

Sunday I met Paige, age 20, who told me why her dream was impossible.  "Who," I asked, "told you that?"  Her answer was "lots of people."  She described a few -- friends, school counselors, teachers; but named no one in particular.

As I drew her out in conversation she expressed a well-defined vision of the future she wants.  She apparently has the personal and academic credentials to merit a chance to succeed.  I told her so.  I asked her, "If you could have your dream for about the same cost as what you are told you must settle for, which would you choose?"

Well the answer was obvious -- and the answer is possible!  I pray that young Paige will reach out to me and let me help her. 

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