Your best interests are my first concern

It is true that we live in a caveat emptor world.  That means, "Buyer - beware!"  I always advise my clients to understand thoroughly my process and recommendations.  At any point along the way, your questions are relevant and of great importance; always ask your question.  In addition to that, I strive to raise your level of confidence in me to a point where you can sleep at night after following my process and advice.

As part of that I am required to complete 24 hours of Continuing Education (minimum) bi-annually.  (In fact, I am working on that this month; which is what prompted me to write this.)  Above and beyond that I participate in weekly training, review and education; plus I attend conferences for multi-day training and education at least 4 times per year, every year.

It does not make me perfect.  It does, hopefully, lend credibility and trustworthiness to my processes and services in your eyes -- the only ones, in the final analysis, that matter.

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