Story of Our Name

Succeed Where It Counts comes from decades of living, working and raising a family.

When I was a young man, just starting into my career, I was at a conference where there were about a hundred others in my same career track.  Over the course of several days I overheard older men say, "I wish I had spent more time with my family."  Hearing it once made an impact.  Hearing it over-and-over left an impression.  I resolved then, when I get to then end of working days I'll say "I wish I had spent more time at work."  That was a pledge that has been tough to keep.  I put it in the front of my thinking everyday. 

Over the years I have met (and worked with) people who have a "succeed at all costs" attitude.  It is not uncommon for those people to neglect their children, their marriages, their health and their ethics.  I know of two who actually went to jail because they blindly pursued power, fame and fortune.

A few subscribe to the philosophy, "Live off the success of others."  As a nation we are struggling with a swelling number with that attitude.  Not only is it financially unsustainable, it is also morally corrupt.  Not long out of college I came to that fork in the road myself.  My employer laid me off, and I considered "going on the dole."  As I drove towards the county offices to see what I could get out of the system a twinge of conscious grew to a scream about self-respect and integrity.  I was young, healthy and well-educated.  There had to be a job out there, somewhere for me. The very next day I found one.  It was at minimum wage and, therefore, failed to fully meet my needs.  A few weeks later I accepted a second job, not too far from the first.  For the next year I worked 80 hours per week.  It was tough, and tedious, but also liberating.  From that day to this my mindset has been that I am a producer, a contributor, and a man of integrity who expects nothing until he first produces value for others.

Finally, I determined that I would not neglect my children or my marriage simply to earn a few more dollars.  I would work when I had to work, and I would be with my family at times of significance to them.  My children are grown, with children of their own.  I do not regret my decision. 

In fact, I affirm my choice.  Succeed Where It Counts: Faith, Family, Finances.