Diploma or Career -- what are you seeking?

Which do you want a Diploma or a Career?

Probably both, and we agree.  What if, after you earn your diploma, there are no career opportunities in that field?  Current college students majoring in journalism and communications may be in for a struggle.  http://adage.com/article/media/columbia-shrink-journalism-school-media-woes-mount/297557/
Why include communications majors in that?  Because what jobs do you think many of those displaced journalists will be applying for?  Our approach includes:
  • Career assessment with coaching
  • Future vocation opportunities (what experts predict about the job market)
  • Where those jobs may be and how much they are likely to pay.
Before spending $100,000 earning your diploma do you think it is wise to find out the likelihood of that diploma helping you in the job market?

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