Writing a Magnificent College Application Essay: Where to Start

There are many tricks of the trade when it comes to writing a great college application essay. I want to share with you a simple task which you can begin now to improve your writing skills. If you are a freshman or sophomore in high school then perfect -- you will have even more time to improve your writing skills so don't delay!

One of my English professors taught his classes this trick. If practiced daily or at least several times a week it really helps to relieve writer's block and to get your creative juices flowing. Ready for the secret? It's called "freewriting". Sit down for 10 minutes a day and write! Write about anything you want. This is not a time to be concerned with grammar or punctuation. Don't concentrate on perfecting your writing just focus on getting your thoughts down on paper. Set a timer and write for 10 minutes straight. It's important not to overthink anything during this task. In time you will find yourself being more creative in your writing, your thoughts will flow more freely and your overall writing skills will naturally improve.

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