The 4 Year Myth -- a true story

I had planned to write more from the Complete College America's white paper, but . . .

yesterday I was on the soccer field with a young man who went off to one of America's top engineering universities after his graduation from a Charlotte Mecklenburg public high school. I asked if he graduated in four years or five. "Six" was his answer. 6 -- six -- twelve semesters -- and this is a bright, responsible, industrious individual (my esteem for him, having known him for eight years or more). Another young man who was with us, and is currently a senior at an area high school, responded, "Yeah, engineering is a five-year degree, I hear."

There's a problem (my opinion) when students enter college with a defined notion that 4 years to a degree is unrealistic. I promise you, the university in question lays out a four year program. Why didn't my friend, therefore, complete his degree in the prescribed four years (eight semesters)?
  1. Uncertainty as to his major upon entering
  2. Required classes that filled up and forced his hand to wait until subsequent semesters
  3. Too many electives
  4. A decision ahead of time that he would not, could not and, therefore, will not finish in four.
The young adult I reference is no slouch. He just bought into the story line that "it doesn't make a difference how long it takes, just so long as you earn your degree."

Here's what it cost him:
Bottom line? $220,000 is what his "Four Year Degree" cost him -- not $80,000 (as advertised).


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