All the talk about "A college degree -- is it worth it?"

There is a buzz around related to the expense of a college degree versus the costs associated with it.  Here's my two cents:
  • If planned well, the college experience is well worth the time and money.
  • If planned poorly . . . well, anything poorly planned is a disappointment.
  • A young adult with a college diploma seeking employment will retain an edge over the one who lacks that diploma -- that's not going to change during the lifetimes of our children.
  • Skill-set and work experience, mid-career will count for a lot.  Nevertheless, if the promotion or new hire comes down to a choice between two, otherwise well-qualified candidates, would you pick the one lacking a diploma over the one who earned a diploma?
  • Entrepreneurship is a completely different issue. In that case perhaps the costs associated with a college diploma may be re-directed profitably into business start-up costs.
  • Do not send your young adult off to college "to find himself/herself."  It's waaaay too expensive for that.  For that young man or young woman fulltime employment following high school, or military service are practical and valuable options.

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