Optimism on the 4th of July

Celebrating 238 years as an independent, free nation, and at least 500 years of God's providence and grace over this piece of planet Earth, I awoke this morning with my mind in turmoil about where we, as a nation, are headed.  Then I stopped to pray.

My moments alone with God changed my entire outlook.  Here are my thoughts:
  • In 2008 President Obama declared his intention to "fundamentally transform" USA.  Since 2008 he has successfully made America's public life
    • more socialist
    • more culturally disparate
    • more racially fragmented
    • more a nation of political brute-force
    • less guided by the rule of law
    • less affluent
    • less industrious
    • less of a superpower
    • less secure at the borders . . .
 And that is where the Lord broke through to show me something.  I was reading about my sister-in-Christ Nicole Rim.  She is of Cambodian extraction and serves Christ among the third largest population of Cambodians in the world in Lynn, MA.
Nicole wrote, "Because Buddhism is so deeply ingrained in the Cambodian culture . . . it's not just rituals.  It's actually their worldview.  . . . To be Cambodian is to be Buddhist."
The Lord took my thoughts to the hundreds of thousands of people the Obama administration is pulling across the border.  Who are they, and what is their worldview?
They are predominantly native Americans, steeped in 500 years of Roman Catholicism.  To be Latin American is to be Roman Catholic.
What does that mean for President Obama's ultimate goal to fundamentally transform the USA? 
  • They consider the Pope's authority greater than his authority
  • They are Pro-Life/anti-abortion
  • They know of only one type of marriage: one man to one woman
  • They believe in traditional family life more than in a political nation-state
  • They believe in individual property rights
  • They believe that "might is right"
  • They believe in orthodox Christian morality.
In short, their worldview is fundamentally different from that of the current administration and more compatible with my own, Anglo-Saxon Protestant worldview.
So, Happy 4th of July to us all who believe in the vision of our nation's founders inalienable rights endowed by our Creator, sustained by those enumerated in the Bill of Rights as amended to the Constitution of the United States of America.  God in Christ Jesus is fundamentally the transforming person.

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